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“There Is Liberty!” by Chuck Baldwin

To say that America WAS “the land of the free and the home of the brave” is a gross understatement. On the whole, America not only does not even resemble the free land it once was, but it has also lost the cognitive ability to even understand what a free land is supposed to look like.
The title of this column is the same as the title of my Independence Day message last Sunday. This column borrows from that address.
In my message, I reviewed the spiritual/Biblical and the constitutional/American principles that help define Liberty.
For example:
Freedom to speak truth
THERE is Liberty.
Freedom of unfettered worship
THERE is Liberty.
Freedom to peacefully assemble, protest and redress government
THERE is Liberty.
Freedom to keep and bear arms for self-defense
THERE is Liberty.
Freedom to be left alone in our associations and opinions
THERE is Liberty.
Freedom to be secure in our houses and effects
THERE is Liberty.
Freedom of personal privacy
THERE is Liberty.
These are not mere civil rights granted by government decree; they are Natural Rights endowed upon us by our Creator.
by Chuck Baldwin

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One Reply to ““There Is Liberty!” by Chuck Baldwin

  1. Yeah right Prove it biblically You can’t. So forget the assumptions made by lawyers. Look instead to the freedoms of any nun or monk. There’s your reality from the rule of law now Americas Subject to the Pope. Wakey wakey

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