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We’re Living In A Totalitarian Society – Here’s The Proof by Dr. Vernon Coleman

[Editor’s Note: I was the person who got Dr. Vernon Coleman this interview with Professor Dolores Cahill, that was not allowed to happen.]
On Saturday 25th June 2022 I was due to talk to Professor Dolores Cahill on her show on TNT radio. I was looking forward to it very much indeed.
I telephoned the studio number in Australia and I spoke to the engineer.
All was going perfectly well.
But I was cut off before I could speak to Professor Cahill.
I telephoned three times.
Three times I managed to speak to the engineer. There was no problem with the line or the connection.
But each time the engineer tried to connect me to the programme, the line was cut.
This wasn’t a technical error.
It was a deliberate act of crude censorship.

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