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Rosary Testimonial by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

How many souls the Rosary has saved!
With it the way to Heaven is surely paved
I was born in 1958 and until 1988 I lived in my native Poland. In 1988 I emigrated to the USA and have lived there since then. The beginning of my daily Rosary devotion started on the 5th of January, 2009, in the church run in Phoenix by the SSPX Fathers, when I – for the first time in 38 years – attended the Mass of All Times, and since that day the Tridentine Mass has been the only one I attend. The priest who said the Mass was Father Burfitt, SSPX, a dedicated priest who helped me significantly in my return to God.
So my daily Rosary started with my coming back to the Tridentine Mass and to Catholic Tradition. It was the time of the Rosary Crusade which Bishop Fellay declared for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and I eagerly took part in it. When the Crusade ended I simply continued my daily Rosary which, thanks to God’s grace, has become my second nature. Besides, studying intensely the situation in the Church, the role of the Second Vatican Council, some of the latest apparitions of Our Lady (La Salette, Fatima, Akita, and more) and especially listening to Her so insistent requests to pray the daily Rosary and to fulfil the First Five Saturdays devotion, I realized that as a Catholic I had to respond.

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2 Replies to “Rosary Testimonial by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

  1. Show me the Rosary anywhere in the Bible please,. Show me anywhere the Pope is mentioned or the Cult of Virgin Mary. In the bible. Please.

    1. Show me where the word “Trinity” is in the bible. It’s not there, and yet we use it all the time because it’s a fact of faith. If you are looking for modern words within translations of ancient texts then you are clearly on the wrong path when searching for truths within the bible.

      I am not about to go into defending each nit-pic item you throw since it wont open your eyes anyway, but I can assure you that there is no ‘cult’ of the Virgin Mary. She’s our mother, and we ask her to look over us, to come to our aid, to intercede for us before the Lord Our God, just as almost everyone does when they go the grave of their own mother or father… they talk to them, tell them about their lives, how much they miss them. I assure you that there are very few cold-hearted people who wont speak to their loved ones when standing in front of their tomb-stone. And that’s all we do when speaking to the Blessed Virgin. But there’s more!!! We talk to her because we love her… we love her because Jesus loves her… and we can never lover her more than He does. If He, being God himself, was willing to submit and honor her, than we can surely honor her as well… unless if you are saying that the Lord Himself sinned and sins to this day by loving His own mother.

      *And please don’t throw the ‘jealous God’ rhetoric, that is so misinterpreted that it’s sickening to argue about it over and over again. The Lord will NEVER hate someone who loves His mother… in fact, they will almost always be welcome in His house, just as any good child would do with those who love their mothers.

      I myself was a lost non-believer. And after being introduced to Jesus I struggled. I could not get myself to love a ‘man’ whom I never known. And so He himself handed me to His mother so that she could lead me to Him and teach me about Him. And she has been faithful to that call. She taught me to love him, to praise him, to worship him. That’s her role in Heaven, to “magnify” the Lord, to lead others to Him. She always did that both here in life AND in Heaven.

      I would just warn you not to dishonor our Lord’s mother. If any of us here would defend their own mother’s name, than how much more will the Lord of All Creation defend His holy mother when you find yourself before Him in the end.

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