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Rosary’s Power by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

All politics are over, shot and vain.
Turn not to man for an end to the worldwide pain!
When Sister Lucy of Fatima was still the genuine Sister Lucy (up to 1957) and not the fake “Sister” (from 1967 onwards), she said amongst many other things that Heaven was granting in our difficult times a quite special power to the Rosary, to solve all problems. That does make sense. God is the Good Shepherd, and He does not abandon His sheep unless they want to be abandoned, as St Augustine famously said many centuries ago. Here is an example which arrived just recently in the in-box of these “Comments” (“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give the glory.”)
First and foremost, the power of Our Lady, working especially through the rosary. If Heaven said that from now on grace would come through our walking on our hands, we should all be walking around the house on our hands. If Our Lady says, as in Akita in 1973, that in view of the threatening calamities we should all pray the rosary for the Pope, the bishops and priests, we may or may not understand, but that is exactly what we should be doing. I may even have been turned off the rosary, but that is still exactly what I should be doing.

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