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Inclusion, Wokeness, And Davos 2022 by Richard Hugus

The would-be gods at Davos brought us their own version of the Apocalypse — plague, war, famine, and death became covid, Ukraine, food shortages, and vaccines. Do such people even remotely care about racial prejudice and gender dysphoria? No. They either massively exploited or completely made up these issues to create disorder. Indeed, their eugenicist predecessors had certain, ahem, opinions about people with disabilities, sexual deviants, and racial groups which they know can’t be mentioned in polite society today. So they went the other way. Not believing in God, the Davos elite see themselves as gods. The further this delusion takes them, the harder they will fall. There will also come a time of reckoning for the collaborators in this program — those who, wittingly or not, aided this monstrosity. Galling self-righteousness, ignorance, and hypocrisy were the least of the crimes in this class. The ones higher up — those who made the plans, gave the orders, and knew what they were doing — face a reckoning that perhaps we do not have words for. It may be a regular new round of guillotining such as we have seen before in history. Or it may be that this time wickedness has gone so far it will have to be ended forever. Prospects for the Davos crew do not look good.

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3 Replies to “Inclusion, Wokeness, And Davos 2022 by Richard Hugus

  1. Most people can’t even see we’re in a class war. They think their gruppenfuhrer s great. They believe the sales pitch That’s the truth. You get some neo nazi rabid nut jobs screaming about “the joos” all over the place backed by disqus word press and associates, birds of a feather, all that, but in the main the public adore their master race.

    1. You really need to do some research and quit that Nazi nonsense, you look like a brainwashed idiot.
      WW2 history is fiction, we the allies were and are the monsters quashing freedom anywhere it’s found for the Jews. Bloody idiots.

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