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Time For Humanity by Good Citizen

One deceptive moment.
There is a subspecies of homo sapiens that have existed throughout recorded time. They seek to rule over and control others of their species. Today this subspecies has a global reach, far greater than any monarch or empire. They control finances, economies, central banks, food supplies and distribution, and all-important institutions including governments. They also decide when wars will happen and for how long they will be waged and how the spoils and suffering will be distributed.
The global overlord is not so conducive to adaptation in a changing world. In order to flex his overlord status, he simply engineers the world to create the environment that others of a lesser status are forced to adapt to. This is the scientific equivalent of controlling rodents inside a laboratory for experimentation. In this case, the laboratory is the planet or western civilization, and humans are the rodents. To the global overlord, reproduction is quaint, a performative physical gesture for lustful pleasure or to merely continue their hereditary lineage. Outside their own order, it’s mostly a third-world nuisance. The global overlord views all worlds including advanced nations as the third world.
Billions will be sacrificed as we are made more efficient yet more dependent. Everything points to meddling with the natural order to render us less than human. Free will, desire, and liberty are considered obstacles to this agenda. We will be permitted to exist with very little, and all else will be artificial illusions and distractions.

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7 Replies to “Time For Humanity by Good Citizen

  1. The ruling class may not consider themselves a sub species The 1%are 73 million basically feudalism overlords running every nation from a centralised moral authority from rule of LAW. The Vatican City. They rule by LAW.

  2. As for global reach ask yourself from Epstein island whose dead ,whose imprisoned for life and who walked away with a charitable donation to pay Theres your evidence .

  3. Yup and the fact you think we live on a globe is proof you have not yet escaped the maze.
    Rothschild calls the shots period, a bunch of inbred khazars criminals that need to go the way of the Dodo bird,

    1. Your naive Anyone in reality knows that theres no way any one family runs the world .Its absurdity to even think so irrationally.

    2. Unbelievable. Maybe you live in a figment of your imagination but some of us live on this planet with our feet in the ground not neo nazi propaganda as our foundation.

  4. As for global reach ask yourself from Epstein island whose dead ,whose imprisoned for life and who walked away with a charitable donation to pay Theres your evidence .

  5. And btw you can be a human or homonsapien .humans are screwed legally. Only homo sapiens are free .

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