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Russian Doctor Warns Against “Totalitarian” Pandemic Treaty, Says Bill Gates Is A Freak by Edward Slavsquat

“The fight is now not for us, but for our children and grandchildren. Under these controls, they will live worse than slaves”
Longtime readers of this blog will surely remember Russian physician and whistleblower, Dr. Denis Ivanov. Ivanov is a member of Russia’s Doctors for Truth and has been a tireless campaigner against Virus Tyranny here in Russia. Your humble Moscow correspondent had the honor of meeting and interviewing this distinguished gentleman in December. Well, we chanced upon a recent video in which Ivanov shared his thoughts about the upcoming World Murder Assembly in Geneva, and decided to relay some highlights. Please note this is a rushed/abridged translation.
What is going to happen at this so-called 75th World Health Assembly? It is planned to [discuss] the so-called pandemic agreement, which will gives almost unlimited powers to the WHO. That is, when they declare a pandemic in a country, then within 48 hours under this agreement, an emergency regime is introduced in the territory. Let me remind everyone who still does not know that the World Health Organization has actually abolished the concept of a pandemic. The definition of a pandemic has been changed. As a result, anything can now become a pandemic, even atherosclerosis [a thickening or hardening of the arteries caused by a buildup of plaque in the inner lining of an artery, caused by smoking, diabetes, being a tub of lard, etc.]. One of the WHO’s main sponsors is Bill Gates, a person who has certain mental abnormalities. I say this, as a doctor, from observing his statements, his body movements and facial expressions. Well, by and large, if you watch him even with the sound off, you may notice some inadequacy. And when we start listening to what he is saying, it becomes a little scary.

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