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Scapegoating The Romans And Pontius Pilate For Killing Jesus by Michael Hoffman

Almost every year near Good Friday, confusion is sown concerning the death of Jesus, usually put forth by a nationally syndicated, white liberal “Christian” columnist, or a sermon from a Protestant minister, or a priest of the modern “Catholic” Church. They proceed to focus culpability for Our Lord’s crucifixion almost exclusively on the Romans, and Pontius Pilate. A few years ago we were present for a sermon by a Jesuit priest at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington who devoted his homily to sparing the Pharisees a single harsh word while alluding to Pilate in no uncertain terms as “a thug.” According to the politically correct view now in vogue, the Pharisees of 33 A.D. were more sinned against than sinning.

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