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Breaking Humanity’s Back With Needles, Bombs, And Starvation by Dr. Mark Sircus

America is also suiciding itself and its privileged position of holding the world’s reserve currency. As a result, the world order dominated by the United States is being ripped asunder, with Russia, China, India, and even Saudi Arabia leading the charge into a bipolar world. So is it goodbye to globalization, or is it globalized medicine with the World Health Organization jockeying to supplant national governments during the next pandemic?
We, the people of this planet, are sitting ducks caught in a crossfire. If we are not killed via a nuclear exchange, hundreds of millions of us will starve, and billions more will become malnourished. And that is only the beginning of our woes, for obliterating us is getting easier for the nasty monstrous types that inhabit our planet. We are being attacked on all fronts (even the chickens), with Pfizer and Moderna leading the charge into a special hell reserved for the vaccinated.
A full-scale war on humanity is in progress, and the bad guys are winning. The awful truth is that people like Bill Gates want as many of us dead as possible. His beloved Eugenics is a force and a mental attitude beyond evil, a nightmare. So a whole troop of people like Gates is working overtime to drag billions of us into an inferno of suffering, where, unfortunately, the living might end up envying the dead.

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