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What Matters Most To Nations And Peoples? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Their greater fear is not of Putin’s Russia but of an EU superstate whose dominance leads inexorably to the decline and disappearance of distinct ethnic nations. To the leaders of Hungary and Poland and the traditionalist and populist right-wing parties of Europe, nationality matters more than political systems. Why should the inhabitants of these nations care about the borders of other countries, if their own countries are slowly passing away? And why should the future inhabitants of Europe from Africa and Asia in year 2100, who will inherit, populate and rule these lands, care about the old borders created by the history of yesterday’s Europeans? As the peoples of Europe are divided between those who fear demographic death in the long run and those who fear autocratic Russian dominance in the near term, so, too, are Americans divided. Our ruling class, to whom the world struggle is between autocracy and democracy, are willing to fight for the triumph of the latter over the former. The other half of America is more concerned with the character and composition of their own nation, present and future, which also appears to be passing away.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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