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Canadian Truckers Respond To Trudeau And GoFundMe Stealing Their Money by Editor (Text and Video)

The Canadian Truckers have responded to Justin Trudeau pressuring GoFundMe into stealing their $9 million in donations raised for food, supplies, etc… and threatening to redistribute it to Black Lives Matter. We wish that we had more patriots like this in America. The Canadian Truckers are true heroes, and they will expose the truth to the world about liberalism. We don’t know much about Canadian politics, but hopefully Trudeau resigns from office. If he was so scared of COVID why did he attend PDAC 2020 on the very first days that COVID began spreading?! We were a little bit surprised to see many of you walk up to him and shake his hand at PDAC, but we guess Canadians try their best to be respectful to their Prime Minister no matter how terrible he is. We are sure that CTV and the rest of Canada’s mainstream media are busy spinning the situation and spreading lies about the Truckers trying to make them sound like violent people… but these are good people and real patriots! We are proud of our Canadian friends and wish America would wake up!

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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