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Vaccines And Conscientious Objection by Laura Dodsworth

In the war on Covid-19 have we made a casualty of conscience? In an excellent letter published today on Daily Sceptic, an NHS Clinical Scientist of some 25 years explains why they are leaving the NHS. The letter makes a series of vital points and is a must read. Interestingly, the first point raised is one which has been briskly and almost unilaterally brushed aside by health authorities and the media – conscientious objection to the use of cell-lines from aborted fetuses in the development of Covid-19 vaccines. The subject is scarcely discussed in the media, yet 10% of Americans believe that getting a COVID-19 vaccine conflicts with their religious beliefs. The issue is controversial enough that the UK government has produced a short guide, and the Northern Ireland Department of Health has produced detailed advice to persuade the hesitant that vaccines are, in fact, “pro life”. But as Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says, “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.” As such, there should be no Covid mandates or passports, for some people are deeply troubled by the use of fetal cells.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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