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Covid Vaccine Scientific Proof Lethal

Over a Thousand Scientific Study’s To Prove That The Covid 19 Vaccines Are Dangerous And All Those Pushing This Agenda Are Committing The Indictable Crime Of Gross Misconduct In Public Office. With just over 12months from deployment of the COVID 19 emergency use experimental vaccine, Scientific studies in their thousands and/or reports confirming the original criminal complaints made to Police forces around the country of assault and murder from the illegal, unlawful use of bio chemical poisons on an unsuspecting UK population. Irrefutable science that the COVID 19 Vaccine is not safe and not effective in limiting transmission or infection from the SARS COV 2, CORONA VIRUS, Pathogens. The Safe and effective false propaganda put out by individuals in public office continuing now to push this vaccine is a clear breach of duty: which applies where a public office holder is subject to and aware of a duty to prevent death or serious injury that arises only by virtue of the functions of the public office, they breach that duty, and in doing so are reckless as to the risk of death or serious injury, by carrying on regardless of the now confirmed dangers associated with COVID 19 injections related to blood clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre, Cancer including deaths, etc. All of which are confirmed in the following science and government gathered data from the UK Health and Security agency on COVID 19, vaccine damage.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
If you’re looking for a cache of information about covid-19 I suggest you take a look at which contains over 2,250 [now over 3,000] articles about covid-19 – it is said to be the largest archive of covid-19 articles and videos online and I believe it. We are fighting a war and is a valuable asset in the war – an asset too often under-estimated. The site’s tagline is `All the Honest News Fit to Publish’. If you’re looking for a way to help the Resistance Movement I suggest you subscribe and make a donation to

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