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The Nefarious And Hidden Agendas Behind OMICRON! by State of the Nation

What better way to perpetuate the highly organized and premeditated Covid Plandemic than to roll out a never-ending series of COVID-19 variants, strains and mutants. There are always multiple objectives behind the launching of any new COVID-19 bioweapon such as OMICRON, also known the “Nu” Variant (PANGO lineage B.1.1.529). However, there is one purpose for this holiday season release which reigns supreme in the minds of the NWO globalist perpetrators: they needed a plausible reason for the rapidly increasing number of deaths, cases of disease, hospitalizations and serious injuries caused directly by the weaponized covid vaccines. There should be absolutely no doubt about the explicit goals of both OPERATION COVID-19 and the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda at this late date. First, they released the COVID-19 bioweapon which they deceitfully name SARS-CoV-2*; then, they super-charged that fastidiously bioengineered weapon with the various generations of meticulously weaponized Covid vaccines. *SARS-CoV-2 is not a coronavirus, or even a virus, as it has never been proven to exist by way of a microbiological laboratory analysis or post mortem examination; nor does its existence comply with the rigorous assessments prescribed by Koch’s postulates. The COVID-19 bioweapon is actually a lab-fabricated synthetic parasite that works in tandem with a highly pernicious and opportunistic pathogenic bacteria that particularly infects the respiratory system.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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