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Those Who Own This World! by Gary D. Barnett (Text and Documentary)

In this day and age when most all people in this country, as well as most all those in the rest of the world, have no understanding of truth or reality, it becomes important to offer simple referenced explanations of things not thought about by the general population. In fact, it is imperative to use every tool at our disposal so the the average person can on their own understand the evil intent, and the collusion necessary in order for the few to control the many. The documentary below is the perfect example of this concept, as it lays out for all to see how this world is controlled from the top down, and how so few can monopolize the entirety of life. I would go so far as to say, that this explanation of “who owns the world,” is so powerful and easy to understand, that any watching and listening who are not able to grasp the scope of this totalitarian plot, are already far lost to this world. Although thousands of corporate and government entities are involved, two ‘investment’ companies basically control the world in every single way imaginable. This is staggering beyond reason, but it should wake up those who still cling to any idea whatsoever that any major private or government system that exists is independent of the much hidden and tiny few who have mastered and dominate almost every world function, right down to everyday normal behavior. This top down control allows for there to be a tiny elite class that is the only real authority on earth, and everyone else is simply a pawn, or in reality a slave, to this massive authority.

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