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Alarming New Details Emerge About Joe Biden’s “Fake” White House Set by Missy Crane

We now know a lot more about Joe Biden’s fake White House set, and it’s very elaborate and very disturbing… The first time most of us became aware that Joe Biden was using a fake “White House” set was during his so-called live “booster” shot. It was shocking to many people, who didn’t understand why there was a “set” designed to look like the White House in the first place. Why not just do whatever it is you’re doing inside the actual White House? But now, we’re learning that this “fake White House” is much more elaborate than we first thought, and it wasn’t just a “one-off” thing used for the booster shot – apparently, this is a stage that is used for Biden’s events that are put online or part of video conferencing. That’s what they claim, anyway… So, it appears that Biden is never in the White House during any of the online video events or conferences that we see.

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