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Insanely Rich Jews Refuse To Acknowledge European Classical Culture by Michael Walsh

Every week 5.6 million listeners tune in to Classic FM. Their choice of listening pleasure is totally immersed in European classical music. European classical music is the product of great European composers virtually all of whom were fervent Christians and passionately believed their compositions were inspired by God. Why then one asks is it that virtually all recordings of European classical music played by foreign-owned Classic FM are performed by non-Europeans. European instrumentalists and performers need not apply. The most beautiful compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Mozart, Joseph Hayden, Schubert, Schumann, Verdi, Puccini, indeed, without exception, ethnic European geniuses inspired by a Christian God are invariably played by non-European instrumentalists and the great operas performed by non-Europeans. Yet it is rare to hear on Classic FM a recording performed by great conductors like Herbert von Karajan, undoubtedly the most popular classical conductor of all time. The Austrian born musician a passionate Christian (and National Socialist) was hardly alone. Classical tracks are dominated by Jewish composers and invariably performed by Jewish conductors.

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