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The Hardwick Alliance For Real Ecology (HARE)

‘Holistic in outlook, pragmatic in action’
HARE was formed in February 2020 at Hardwick House, Whitchurch-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, with the task of creating a united and purposeful front to expose, challenge and reverse our present deeply oppressive, corrupted and degraded political and economic systems. Our country’s ancient freedoms are now under threat like never before as corporate megalomaniacs pursue a clear global agenda that’s taking us down a road to a technology-based totalitarian and centralised society, completely at odds with the values of human-scale ecology we all hold dear. Freedom has to prevail over fascism. To achieve this, HARE is committed to developing a fresh socio-economic model that’s based upon holistic, humanitarian and just practices for the betterment of all humanity.

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