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Building Technology To Power A Parallel Christian Society by Andrew Torba

This week we installed a giant 600 terabyte storage machine in one of Gab’s data centers. Few people realize all of the work and time that goes into making Gab possible behind the scenes. We do not have the luxury of being hosted in the cloud by Amazon, Microsoft, or Google web services. We had no choice but to build our own and invest millions of dollars in time and hardware to maintain and grow our servers. This is why Gab’s infrastructure must be preserved and expanded at all costs. Not only is it powering the real time flow of information, but it’s also powering the creation of a parallel Christian economy where Christians can discover parallel goods, services, and entertainment being provided or sold by other Christians. One day our great grandchildren will learn what really happened during the greatest Spiritual war of our time and how we laid the foundations for a new parallel Christian society. It is my intention that they do so on Gab.

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