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Bleating Lambs by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Archbishop Lefebvre was right – wolves occupy Rome,
That make it anything but true Catholics’ home.
At the end of last month at Courtalain in France, 15 Superiors of Traditional Catholic Communities, but in good standing with Rome, issued a joint statement in anticipation of their meeting with Pope Francis a few days later, because of their reasonable fear of losing their dearly bought good standing with Rome. For indeed on July 16 he issued his Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes in which he had used all his apparent Authority to stop any further use in the Church of the Traditional rite of Mass. Had he next summoned themselves to Rome early in September in order to take away their good standing with Rome? After harshly banning the Latin Mass it would be entirely logical for him to ban the Communities using that Mass. And so a few days before their appointment with the Pope they met together to consider their danger, and at the end of their meeting they issued a joint Statement of their position, on which the best comment comes from a fabulist of 2,600 years ago. Here is a brief summary of their Statement –

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