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Mandatory COVID-Injections: More Information And Resources by Devvy Kidd

My August 2, 2021 column, Mandatory COVID Injections: What Can Be Done? provided some resources to fight back against employers demanding workers submit to taking a COVID-19 experimental injection or lose their job. Demands which violate federal law and the Nuremberg Codes. All born out of rank ignorance of those experimental injections and the carnage of deaths and ruined lives. Mega corporations like Disney, Home Depot, China (Wal) Mart and others are telling their employees they don’t care about the law or the lives of their employees. And, sure as the sun shines, smaller uninformed business owners are now getting ready to jump on the death train: More small businesses weighing vaccine mandates for employees as delta variant spreads – 19% of small businesses ‘100% certain’ they will require on-site workers to get the jab.Two Lawsuits Test the Permissibility of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policies in Employment – Reasonable accommodation does NOT address the huge death rate and serious injuries caused by those injections. Besides federal law ignored, what about the Nuremberg Codes? Nuremberg Code (Directives for Human Experimentation).

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