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Jim And George Morrison And The USS Liberty by Sanjin Dumisic

His father, George Stephen Morrison, was a navy admiral. He opposed the actions USA took after Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967. Where 34 US navy men were killed and 171 wounded. He was outspoken and wanted to see a swift military and economic reaction or sanction against Israel for that unprovoked attack. The admiral that stopped the orders of George Morrison to retaliate was admiral John S McCain, father of John McCain. Of course, US politics being as they are, George Morrison would never rise in the ranks again. Jim’s father wasn’t apparently a zionist and wanted to respond to the attack. A kind of natural patriotic instinct indeed. Something which the USA does all the time, you can’t even slap an American in the face without getting bombed. George Morrison actually held a speech at the decommissioning of his ship USS Bon Homme Richard on the 2nd of July – almost at the same time as his son would die in Paris. Even though Jim died on the 3rd of July it was early in the morning – so you can say both incidents happened within 12 hours.

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