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Would The Deep State Use A Biden Presidency To “Pull A Nelson Rockefeller”? by James Perloff

This post does not discount the legal challenges being made by the Trump administration to the Presidential election’s proclaimed outcome. If the charges of vote fraud are validated in court, and Joe Biden’s victory overturned, we can expect massive domestic violence originating with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, almost undoubtedly sponsored by George Soros. If, however, Biden is confirmed as the next U.S. President, it is obvious from his declining mental health that he would never survive a four-year term. He might not even make it much past the inauguration. The oligarchs who have long controlled America from behind the scenes know this well. Mainstream media could then do what it didn’t before the election—suddenly start calling attention to Biden’s incipient dementia, leading to a demand that he step down for “health reasons.” The Presidency would pass to Kamala Harris, who would then choose an unelected Vice President.

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