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Incentivised Vaccine Trials by John Goss

Kill (Or Maim) A Friend And Get £100
On 19th October 2020 a doctor died in Brazil. He was 28 years old and died of Covid-19-related complications after taking part in vaccine trials. The BBC stated, according to hearsay, “the doctor had worked with infected patients,” but this was not confirmed by the Brazilian Health Authority, Anvisa. Knowing the BBC’s history this either means the vaccine companies are looking for a scapegoat on which to blame the doctor’s death, or they have set up the story of him working with infected patients to catch out independent reporters who might republish it to discredit vaccine research. Regardless of this doctor’s death – sad though that may be – research into a vaccine for Covid-19 is already discredited. It is taking shortcuts like never before in the history of modern medicine. Pre-clinical trials used to take years. Not any more.

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