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America’s Churches Are Dying; Illinois Sheriffs Defying The State’s “Assault Weapons” Ban; Davos Attendees; Israel Is An Apartheid State by Chuck Baldwin

There is much news worthy of discussion this week. In today’s column, I have chosen four items to share with readers. 
America’s Churches Are Dying
I have written much on this topic in past columns. Here is a most recent report confirming the fact that America’s institutional churches are rapidly dying.
A recent study examining the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on church attendance in the U.S. has revealed that the pandemic “resulted in an overall depression of religious participation” as approximately a third of Americans have stopped attending religious services. [Emphasis added.]
Virtually everything about the condition of our country and churches is due to the demise of true New Covenant teaching and preaching from America’s pulpits. The advent of Christian Zionism at the beginning of the 20th century and the advent of the Prosperity Gospel and Church Growth movements of the mid-20th century have all but destroyed historic New Testament Christianity in America.
The signs are ubiquitous: God is judging America’s apostate churches—and as a result of the Church’s apostasy, God is judging America itself, because from America’s inception, the cultural, societal, economic, educational and governmental blessings on this nation have been directly connected to God’s spiritual blessings on the Church.
When the Church collapses, it takes the country down with it, which is exactly what it’s doing.

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One Reply to “America’s Churches Are Dying; Illinois Sheriffs Defying The State’s “Assault Weapons” Ban; Davos Attendees; Israel Is An Apartheid State by Chuck Baldwin

  1. i understand and respect the opinions shared here however, I don’t agree. It is important for people to stop pretending that they believe something that they do not. It is beneficial for people to start viewing their churches as a place of creating value through shared interests, shared goals, and common culture. Churches were always teaching culture as a religion. If they claim that truth, people will come back, not as believers but as community creators. i have written more about this on Bob Cinque’s blog and more in PDF format. regarding the nature of belief and explaining its relationship with pareidolia. If you are interested get in touch!

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