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The Important Things In Life Are Too Precious To Lose by Gary D. Barnett

In the midst of all the uncertainty, the horror, the terror of the state, of personal heartbreak, and of the insanity that seems to be all-consuming during all of our lives today, beauty and joy is all around us. It is hidden much of the time, but can be found in an instant if one is to look closely enough and find it. While so many have struggled to find the essence of life, only the few have reached that pinnacle. I think this is so terribly sad, because regardless of strife and the hardships of life, underneath is heaven on earth. If this could only be known to more, maybe, just maybe, a harmony among the many could find its way into the heart of our human existence. This is a goal worth seeking, and a goal if achieved that could bring about love and peace for the multitudes. This is not meant as any pronouncement of a societal utopia, because that can only exist within each of us; meaning the more that find happiness, the better off we will all be.
I am not writing this specifically due to this Christmas holiday, because that affects everyone differently if at all. But there is a magic that occurs this time of year, and I have never understood why this magic that is so fleeting, cannot live in our hearts all year long every year. During the heinous and evil time of government’s World War I, a Christmas truce was observed by those who were told to hate and kill each other, and a day of peace, laughter, and frolicking commenced, only to end immediately after that short-lived voluntary unity. Why? Why do we hate each other when taught or told to do so? Why not love each other instead, not in the sense of fake or fraudulent hypocrisy, or due to some scheme, but in the sense of joy among men? Isn’t that a better way forward.

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