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Seventeen Techniques For Truth Suppression by David Martin

Strong, credible allegations of high-level criminal activity can bring down a government. When the government lacks an effective, fact-based defense, other techniques must be employed. The success of these techniques depends heavily upon a cooperative, compliant press and a mere token opposition party.
Dummy up. If it’s not reported, if it’s not news, it didn’t happen.
Wax indignant. This is also known as the “How dare you?” gambit.
Characterize the charges as “rumors” or, better yet, “wild rumors.” If, in spite of the news blackout, the public is still able to learn about the suspicious facts, it can only be through “rumors.” (If they tend to believe the “rumors” it must be because they are simply “paranoid” or “hysterical.”)
Knock down straw men. Deal only with the weakest aspects of the weakest charges. Even better, create your own straw men. Make up wild rumors (or plant false stories) and give them lead play when you appear to debunk all the charges, real and fanciful alike.
Call the skeptics names like “conspiracy theorist,” “nutcase,” “ranter,” “kook,” “crackpot,” and, of course, “rumor monger.” Be sure, too, to use heavily loaded verbs and adjectives when characterizing their charges and defending the “more reasonable” government and its defenders. You must then carefully avoid fair and open debate with any of the people you have thus maligned. For insurance, set up your own “skeptics” to shoot down.

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One Reply to “Seventeen Techniques For Truth Suppression by David Martin

  1. Not new. The ruling class have been the organised crime syndicates running the world for centuries now. The drug trade is worth 5 times the legitimate global trades.
    And pedophilia murder blackmail extortion bribery corruption secret societies fraternities lodges associationsare all in it together to Deceive the world.

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