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New UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak A Triumph For Globalists, Immigration Enthusiasts by James Kirkpatrick

Of Course, UK May Not Survive—But, Like US, Ruling Class Hates It Anyway
The Conservative (“Tory”) Party has been in power in the United Kingdom for 12 years, with a long line of forgettable Prime Ministers surfing over restive voters who demanded Brexit, reduced immigration, and more national sovereignty [How long have the Conservatives been in power and who were the Prime Ministers, by Caroline Westbrook, Metro, October 20, 2022]. But in what can only be considered pure spite on the part of the British Ruling Class, the UK will now be governed by a caricature of Politically Correct “Conservatism”—an Indian hedge fund manager, Rishi Sunak, who used to work at Goldman Sachs and is worth more than King Charles III [Rishi Sunak, the new UK prime minister, is yet another Goldman Sachs alumnus, Business Insider, October 24, 2022]. Almost as if on purpose, the Conservative Party has broken apart its winning coalition to pursue policies that favor no one except Sunak’s former colleagues. Gleeful Labour supporters and Celtic separatists are poised to inherit frustrated working-class voters and the existence of the Union itself is in jeopardy. Underpinning all of this: the baffling, enraging, and totally self-defeating Tory policy of increasing immigration in direct defiance of what voters want.
Let’s recall that the major reason the United Kingdom has an immigration problem now is that Labour deliberately opened the gates to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity,” to use Labour apparatchik Andrew Neather’s phrase. That’s about as close to a smoking gun in the “Great Replacement” debate as can exist: the Labour Party wanted to replace the British electorate. It did this as a conscious choice. It was treason.
What’s remarkable is that the Tories now want to rub their own voters’ noses in the filth, with outgoing PM Liz Truss running against immigration during the leadership race and then promptly calling for more immigration afterward.
Prime Minister Sunak was softer than Truss during the leadership race and has a record of immigration enthusiasm [Chancellor Sunak Expected To Increase Immigration Routes To UK In Budget, by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, March 2, 2021]. His supposedly “pragmatic” approach to immigration suggests that we can discard any rhetoric about border control and look for more immigration for supposedly economic reasons, i.e., more cheap labor [What Rishi Sunak could do about the cost of living, the NHS, immigration, energy, and Brexit, by Fionnula Hainey, Manchester Evening News, October 24, 2022].

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