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Trapped In The Slaughterhouse by Caitlin Johnstone

This is no civilization. It’s a slaughterhouse. A fake plastic performance staged to funnel human life into the gears of an insatiable machine. A fake plastic culture designed to keep us on the conveyor belt so that our life force can be converted into fuel for a soulless empire. A fake plastic society built to keep us marching into the food processor.
There are so very many more of us than there are of them. We could crush them like an insect the moment we decided to. But the brainwashing is so very, very effective, and the matrix hallucination seems so very, very real. Our propaganda-induced coma keeps us fueling the machine.
Not until we awaken ourselves from the coma will our adventure on this planet really begin. Not until we can unplug our minds from the empire’s life-siphoning control mechanisms we can begin to really live.
We’ll either wake each other up, or we’ll remain trapped in the slaughterhouse.

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2 Replies to “Trapped In The Slaughterhouse by Caitlin Johnstone

  1. Yes The Vatican under the Ram Empires Imperialism and the Pope As pontipus maximus King of Kings Caesar Emperor of the Universe as God’s Steward.

    1. Roman Empire I typed Not Ram or Ramses although of course Rome conquered them too. A d now they control America Australia Canada France England etc etc etc Down with the Russian Orthodox and volia Rome rule s the world.

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