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Sociodynamics Questioned by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

The rule of cardinals, kings may fail, of course,
But human authority must have in God its source.
If “sociodynamics” is not yet a word to be found in any respectable English or American dictionary, it is nevertheless a reality parallel to aerodynamics. For just as there are objective laws of aerodynamics which must be carefully observed if any new make of aeroplane is not to crash immediately after it first takes off, so there are objective laws for the launching and survival of any society of human beings if that society is to survive and not crash to the ground. Now Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826) was a brilliant American lawyer who played a leading part in the founding of the new nation of the USA in 1776, and, unless it is a spurious quotation, he said how new that nation was going to be – “We are going to show the world that it does not need cardinals or kings.” In other words, men can rule by themselves without divine authority, religious or civil, to back them. In brief, human government does not need God.
Thus at the heart of the new nation’s Constitution was the principle of dividing its government into its three branches, legislative (making of laws), judicial (judging by courts) and executive (applying the laws), so that, in the absence of a Higher Being to control government activity, each of the three human branches of government could act as a check upon the other two. Now from 1776 onwards, it cannot be denied that the new nation was so flourishing and prosperous that the 20th century has come to be called by many “the American century,” meaning to say that the USA then emerged as the leading nation of the world by its economic and political power, admired and imitated all over the world. Yet in the 21st century few serious observers can deny that in 2022 its President is essentially inapt for his high office, having been elected by a stolen or fake election. And that nation is on the brink of civil war. What went wrong?

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One Reply to “Sociodynamics Questioned by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

  1. What went wrong is people were taught to forget George Washington warning that “the greatest threat to American democracy will come from POPE’S and Prince’s”
    And rhe Pope is the King of Kings and King of the Holy See The top dog.

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