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The Hidden Agenda Of The Founding Fathers’ Antagonists by Chuck Baldwin

Never in American history have our illustrious Founding Fathers been under such vile attack from within our own country as they are now. Both the Left and Right, secularists and “Christians,” feel constrained to “warn” us about the evil, sinister hearts and motives of the great men and women whom God inspired to raise up—at great personal cost—the greatest free nation man ever created.
The insidious attacks against our Founders from the political Left are not difficult to understand. Leftists control public school textbooks; they control the mainstream media; they control Washington, D.C.; they control the entire mainstream narrative in this country. The result is obvious.
If our Founding Fathers are mentioned in public school textbooks at all, it is to disparage them. Local governments have destroyed the monuments of these great men all over America. Schools named in their honor are being rebranded. In mainstream circles, the men who sacrificed their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” in order to bequeath to their posterity a free country have been relegated to the dustbin of forgotten history—little more than relics for a basement museum.
And we all know their reasons for this assault against America’s history and heritage: Leftists are on a crusade to purge the principles of Liberty that our Founding Fathers enshrined in our founding documents, including our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. In order to do this, they must destroy America’s reverence for its Founders. No brainer!

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2 Replies to “The Hidden Agenda Of The Founding Fathers’ Antagonists by Chuck Baldwin

  1. This just in! I have not gotten confirmation on this, but it turns on it the Founding Fathers were more accurately the Founding Kids. Grey wigs aside, James Mason was eighteen, others in their twenties and Jefferson the oldest at thirty-two.

  2. Child prodigies often become very educated.
    The left of course are Catholics.
    As George Washington wrote, no doubt fearfully, in his private letters, not publicly that’s for sure, “the greatest threats to American democracy will come from Pope’s and Prince’s”.
    NB See Pelosi over there kissing rings to celebrate the division Catholic Supreme Court leader has created with his abortion mission of duplicity so typical of the mob. You watch and see how they use that to serve their intentions.

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