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Contraception And Infertility Passports by Good Citizen

9 Sigma loves Children of Men
The constitutional disagreement is just the legal front in a debate bleeding hypocrisy from coast to “clump of cells” coast. The nauseating “my body, my choice” mantras everywhere have made a spectacular resurgence while curiously absent the previous two years in regards to clot shots, in which case it was your body, their choice, or “Your body, no choice”. Want to keep your job and employee subsidized family healthcare? Get poked twice with an experimental shot only authorized for emergency use that doesn’t work as claimed where the corporation has legal immunity or get bent. Go on then, roll up your sleeve, and don’t be SADS about it.
The SADS truth is that the shots are working spectacularly well. And thanks to their real purpose Moderna, Pfizer and the globally interconnected cabal of depopulationists have helped settle the issue of abortion for society. There is no need for “my body, my choice” protests or “insurrections” ladies and betamelt white knights, just go get another booster and you can throw away your rubbers for good. Both generous companies in collaboration with the federal government have taken it upon themselves to continue the work of planned parenthood with mandated and coerced mRNA treats.
Operation Children of Men has launched with tremendous success over the past 18 months and the first returns are now coming in from Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and the UK. There will be no need for abortions soon, as there will be fewer and fewer fetuses, and babies to abort. The “vaccines” are doing all the heavy cutting now. 6-9 months after the rollout for the under 40 demographic in Germany, a 9-Sigma event in birth reductions for Q1. The statistical probability of this occurring naturally? One in many lifetimes of the universe, or 1 in a few quadrillion years.

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One Reply to “Contraception And Infertility Passports by Good Citizen

  1. Well sluts usually at least do recognise that it is their vagina and so they take precautions. However the rest of the vaginaswwho aren’t virginal or celibate apparent think that its only their body, their choice what enters it after the deposits have fertilised their eggs 🥚. Then suddenly as if by magic incantation it becomes their body their choice to murder the life, the independent life, that they have created. Into the bin with it they say Suck it out, they say. Throw it away. And big pharma says yes yes we hear and obey oh great birthing canal, mother earth, virgin Mary we Obey.
    All a load of it. Who told the vaginas to stop yalong the pill? When did all those thousands and thousands and thousands of fertile females receive that doctors orders?
    Dirty manipulating evil opportunistic parasites, like vtures preying as cannibals on human reproduction Stinking filthy vermin.

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