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The End Of Roe vs. Wade by Dr. E. Michael Jones

The media hype surrounding the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade brought back memories of my engagement in the almost fifty years of America’s abortion wars . Eleanor Smeal, who was then head of the National Organization of Women, had just given a talk on abortion at the University of Notre Dame in what must have been the 1980s. The room was packed with feminists from that university and St. Mary’s College, the soi disant Catholic institution which had fired me for being against abortion a few years earlier. As my attempt to inject some reality into what was obviously a pep rally for what St. Paul referred to as silly women obsessed with their sins, I asked Ms. Smeal during the Q & A “Does the fetus have sex?” Seeing that Ms. Smeal was taken aback by the question, I rephrased it: “Is the fetus identifiable as either male or female?” Expecting a realistic answer to the question, I was ready to follow it up with asking how the National Organization of Women justified the murder of unborn women, but what I got was unexpected. “The process of sexual differentiation,” the president of NOW opined, “begins at birth.” Pondering whether there were any professors of biology in the room who could back up this astounding statement, I started to write down what Ms. Smeal had said, whereupon she screamed at me from across the room, “Don’t write that down. You got me crazy.”

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