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The Death Of James Forrestal by Cornell Simpson (Book .pdf)

Mystery surrounds not only the circumstances of Forrestal’s death, but the allegedly pseudonymous author of this work as well. Simpson’s book, allegedly written in the mid-1950s was “too controversial or too dangerous” to publish. The John Birch Society’s publishing arm, Western Islands, finally published it in 1966. It’s a fascinating, conspiratorial account of the life and death of James Forrestal (1892-1949), the first United States Secretary of Defense forced to resign by President Harry Truman. He supposedly committed suicide soon after being institutionalized, although Simpson and others believed he had been murdered, most likely by Zionists.

Covering Up Zionist Crime?
On “Cornell Simpson,” Medford Evans, M. Stanton Evans, and the John Birch Society
by David Martin

David Martin Archive

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One Reply to “The Death Of James Forrestal by Cornell Simpson (Book .pdf)

  1. Sorry but anybody that worked for investment firms and actively sought to be in WW1 and especially WW2 is not bright. For the first you need no financial understanding and the two wars were Zionist crimes.
    Last true Hero of the USA was President Jackson.

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