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Collateral Damage From Covid Lockdowns; Gun Control Showdown In The Senate by Chuck Baldwin

The numbers of deaths and injuries from the Covid vaccines are grossly underreported by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). By virtue of the way these statistics are gathered, these numbers at best reflect a mere 10% of the actual total. Therefore, the VAERS report of 28,000 deaths is actually 280,000 deaths, and the report of 1.3 million injuries is actually 13 million injuries. But those figures do not take into consideration the collateral damage of the government’s tyrannical response to the phony Covid narrative, most significantly the lockdowns.
Here is the report: The US recorded nearly 170,000 excess deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic, which were not caused by the virus itself – as obesity, substance abuse and other killers spiked amid government-imposed lockdowns, a new study has shown. The figures have been revealed in a report released this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). The report suggested that excess non-Covid deaths may have been “collateral damage of policy choices.” NBER pointed to such factors as increased gun violence, drug and alcohol use, smoking and weight gain during lockdowns.
“We find it especially notable that non-Covid health outcomes were not more closely monitored to, among other things, determine whether public or private Covid policies were aggravating them,” the study’s authors said. They added that while critics might blame the excess deaths on personal choices, rather than public policies, “this is no excuse for ignoring this soaring death toll or pushing an examination of these deaths to the back burner.”

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