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Hideous Liars Lying About Guns: What People Don’t Know, Don’t Want To Know, Are Too Naïve To Believe, And Are Too Scared To Say by Jon Rappoport

We’re looking at a grotesque con here. A hustle. And the predatory politicians lying about guns know they’re lying. They’re disgusting. Repulsive. Sane people can smell the stench rising from them miles away. First of all, 99% of the people who own guns—I don’t care what kinds of guns—don’t shoot other people. They don’t. So a legitimate politician who has eyes to see and is honest—there are a few—would say this: “I’m going to show you where most of the gun crimes in America are committed. I’m talking about murder, I’m talking about wounding, I’m talking about armed robberies, and I’m also talking about places where the residents live under constant daily fear of people shooting guns.”
This would clear the air. It would also put mass spree shootings in proper perspective, since they account for only a fraction of ongoing chronic gun crimes. So…on a map, what areas do you think this honest politician would circle? Where are most of the gun crimes being committed—not because the guns are going off by themselves, but because actual people are shooting them. I assume you know. Inner cities. Saint Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, etc. Who are the people doing most of the shooting in those cities? Gangs. Which people in those cities are putting residents under the most fear on a day to day basis? Gang members.
So here’s a unique idea. Go after the people shooting the guns. Don’t jabber about taking the guns away from everybody—that’s what the predatory leaders are doing…and they KNOW that won’t solve the situation. They know. Which means they don’t really want to stop the shooting and the killing and the wounding. But the gangs are immune. They have privilege, for several reasons. One of those reasons is: according to media and most of government, law-enforcement may not go after groups of black men. That’s it in a nutshell.
Doesn’t matter that those groups of black men are gangs who are responsible for an extraordinary number of gun crimes. Here’s a bonus fact. What else do gangs do that is destroying many, many lives every day? They distribute and sell killer street drugs for drug cartels. Crack, meth, fentanyl. What do the cartels do with the massive amounts of money they make? For one thing, they wash it through banks. This is called a clue, my friends. A clue as to why gangs are protected. They’re good for business. Big business.

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One Reply to “Hideous Liars Lying About Guns: What People Don’t Know, Don’t Want To Know, Are Too Naïve To Believe, And Are Too Scared To Say by Jon Rappoport

  1. Oh people are stupid as eniztein exposed. Really. And stupid creatures aren’t usually genuine or sincere or capable of kindness or even Love. Just some neediness or dependencies passed of as friendship or love. LLet rhe people with brains run the show and don’t waste your time casting pearls to swine.

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