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The WHO Is Taking Over The United States Of America Next Week by Jeff Thompson

If a man breaks into your house, does he have the right to sell you into slavery? Does your neighbor have the right to sell your house? Does somebody from the neighborhood two miles away have the right to dictate to you how you run your house? If the answers to any of these questions bring a resounding ‘no’ to your mind, then what are we to say about your being sold into slavery to the World Health Organization? The second-largest financier of the WHO is Bill Gates. Does Bill Gates have the right to represent the people of America? Was he elected? Or was it money that granted power and power that granted immunity?
Does China have the right to dictate what happens in America? China is doing a great job of managing human rights in its own country, is it not? Despite our having American politicians who are great fans of one of the most brutal mass murderers in history, the fact of the matter is that forcibly harvesting the organs of political prisoners is morally reprehensible. The political philosophy of Mao Zedong American politicians idolize. A landowner being executed for owning property. He ended up owning nothing, but was it a happy ending? [photo credit: Bettman/Getty images] Do you want those same people – a people whose society is based upon a system that is foundationally opposed to any concept of absolute truth, morality, and human freedom – to be able to dictate to you what you do with your life?

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2 Replies to “The WHO Is Taking Over The United States Of America Next Week by Jeff Thompson

  1. Do you know if it’s true that the World Health Org will take our us government over on the 27th of Feb2023 i read it last night breaking news now I can not find it..Thank you …Patricia

    1. Dear Patricia

      The W.H.O. are trying to take the sovereignty away from every country on earth. This is a very good interview with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger:
      WHO Whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger Exposes Globalist Agenda by The Highwire with Del Bigtree (51:00)

      Love Is The Answer
      Mark R. Elsis

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