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The Moskva Riddle by Pepe Escobar

Get ready: something lethally “asymmetrical” may be about to pop up
Neither NATO nor Russia is telling us what really happened with the Moskva, the legendary admiral ship of the Black Sea fleet. NATO because in theory, they know. Moscow, for its part, made it clear they are not saying anything until they can be sure what happened. One thing is certain. If the Russian Ministry of Defense finds out that NATO did it, they will let loose all the dogs from Hell on NATO, as in “asymmetrical, lethal and fast”.
On Moskva’s location: it was positioned near one of 3 drilling rigs, used for monitoring a whole sector of the Black Sea with hydrophones and NEVA-BS radar, the most westward one, BK-2 Odessa, approximately 66 km northeast from Snake Island. The whole thing was integrated in the regional monitoring systems. As in everything, literally, was monitored: ships, low flying targets, smaller echoes, even the bobbing head of an unsuspecting swimmer.
So there was a quite slim chance that anything – not to mention subsonic Neptune missiles and Bayraktar drones – could have slipped through this aerial net. So what could have possibly happened?

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One Reply to “The Moskva Riddle by Pepe Escobar

  1. Russias defense spokesman has said very clearly there was a fire aboard the ship which set off a munitions causing an explosion. They then were towing the ship back for repairs but a storm caused it to sink. Its all over European online newspapers. And the Ukrainian woman s screaming we sunk it and now we think Russia will be angry but we don’t care it was worth it. And NATO s keeping their mouths shut. What s worth to say It s sunk People will believe what they like. Only the crew, aboard the ship and Russia will know really whose telling the truth.

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