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Panic In Trudeau’s Canada As Triple Vaccinated Have A Higher Covid Death-Rate Than The Unvaccinated by Guy Hatchard

No one can hope to read all the Covid-19 publishing that is going on around the world. But some information came my way about Canadian Covid-19 statistics available here.
Proponents of vaccination will be deeply gratified to note that at first glance the unvaccinated appear to be taking a beating. Graphs show the unvaccinated outnumber the vaccinated, for cases, hospitalisation, and death. But reading a little further you are informed that the graphs above cover all cases recorded since December 2020—the total cases since 2020.
In December 2020 virtually no one was vaccinated, so at the start of this data set most would have been unvaccinated. This fact did not escape the notice of an alternative but very statistically diligent UK publication ‘The Expose’ which set about mining the available official data to uncover the current Covid-19 statistics. You can read their analysis and view their graphs here.

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