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Average Life Expectancy Nosedives By 2 Years Since 2019 by Mrinalika Roy

Fingers of blame are pointing everywhere but to SARS-CoV-2 and mRNA injections which have proven to be ineffective in protecting recipients from getting COVID or if they do, from having serious symptoms. Even as compelling research is released. Big Pharma deflects critics as conspiracy theorists or domestic extremists. ~ TN Editor
Life expectancy in the United States fell by nearly two years in 2020 to about 77 years amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the sharpest drop compared to 19 other high-income countries, according to a recent analysis. Americans, on average, had a life expectancy of 76.99 years in 2020, down from 78.86 years in 2019, according to the study, which looked at national death and population counts in 2019 and 2020, as well as provisional data for 2021 to calculate mortality rate ratios.
The decline of 1.87 years in life expectancy for 2020 was far higher than the mean reduction of 0.57 years in 19 peer countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Denmark and South Korea. No country experienced a decrease as steep as that of the United States, according to the analysis, which was published as a preprint on the medRxiv website.

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