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Our Fren Elon by Good Citizen

He’s Such A Swell Guy. Isn’t He?
Update: Some have viewed this piece as a ‘hit piece’ on Musk the man. That’s my fault Good Citizens, I focused too much on his history of fraud and hucksterism, his post-humanist brain chip/satellite AI borg aims, which are well documented in the Reese video, which I can tell by the metrics many of you misreading this piece have yet to watch. (You should watch it.) This entire charade is a nation openly admitting that it’s no longer a constitutional republic with a Bill of Rights but relies on the selective generosity of Oligarchs to restore basic human rights. That’s a rotten system that cannot thrive. It’s a system that’s dead on arrival. Clinging to the hope of a Billionaire troll resurrecting the corpse of a bird we should all let die, borne of a centralized corrupt system that colludes with the state to censor and blacklist citizens while collecting data to spy on them, and that has open contempt for the Bill of Rights is called missing the bigger picture. I do applaud his willingness to stand up to the Malthusians of Global technocracy by saying we need to increase the population of the planet, and that we don’t have enough people. Credit where it’s due. And yes, Elon is an effective troll. But the thing about expert trolls is that one never really knows who they’re trolling. Be careful what you celebrate, even if the mob celebrates it. It may be your own demise.
by Good Citizen

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