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Dr. E. Michael Jones Takes On The Holocaust – Part One by Hadding Scott

Are the Germans rebelling against Holocaust-guilt?
Who is E. Michael Jones? [ 38 Posts: ]
Dr. E. Michael Jones, erstwhile professor of American Literature at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana, teacher for three years (1973-1976) at a Gymnasium in Nordrhein-Westfalen, is a very conservative Catholic who has written a number of books espousing a traditional Catholic perspective. He is a popular guest on interview-shows in alternative media because of his strong, vividly expressed views. In particular, he is an unabashed critic of Jewish behavior and influence in politics, society, and culture. As a critic of the USA’s pro-Israel foreign policy he has been a frequent guest-commentator on Iran’s Press TV.
The worldview of E. Michael Jones is certainly not Hitlerian. To E. Michael Jones the Jews are strictly a religious group that rejects Jesus and is thus in rebellion against Logos. He insists on a theological rather than an evolutionary (in the manner of Kevin MacDonald) understanding of Jewish behavior. Jones rejects hereditary psychology even to the point of rejecting the proposition (widely accepted for the past several decades among psychologists) that IQ is largely a matter of heredity. He has even said on several occasions that a Black African raised by Germans would be in all important regards German. It is hard to imagine a more un-Hitlerian opinion than that.

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