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Holocaust Handbooks And Documentaries by Castle Hill Publishers and CODOH

This ambitious, growing series addresses various topics of the infamous “Holocaust” of the WWII era. Most of them are based on decades of archival research in archives all over the world. They are heavily footnoted and referenced. In contrast to most other works on this issue, the tomes of this series approach its topic with the necessary profound academic scrutiny and a critical attitude. Any Holocaust researcher ignoring this series will remain oblivious of the most important research results in the field. These books are designed to have the power to both convince the common reader as well as academics in this field. And it is very successful with this approach: Ever since its inception, this prestigious series has gained the attention of many western historians and of several opinion leaders worldwide. The final goal is to eventually tip the academic scale, so that academia will start doing its duty: to demand and pursue public scrutiny of this most influential topic of all western societies. Because as long as academics don’t do this, the media and politicians certainly won’t do it either. Most of our books on the “Holocaust” you can download, read and even distribute free of charge as an eBook (as PDF and, for most, as a Kindle). Our series Holocaust Handbooks currently encompasses 41 books, 35 of which have been published, while the rest is in various stages of preparation.
by Castle Hill Publishers and CODOH

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  1. “Gotta maintain the SCAM, as long as possible ! Look at “Official Red Cross Records”, and learn the TRUTH.

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