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Letter To Ron DeSantis Veto HB 7021 To Protect Floridians From Incentivized Medical Malpractice And Hospicide by Margaret Anna Alice

All in all, you’ve done a dang good job defending the liberties and rights of your constituents against the contagion of tyranny—a far graver threat than an illness with a 99.8% [99.85%] survival rate. People who live in and visit Florida tell me it’s like BC (Before COVID) times—a mighty feat given how hard the WEF’s global spiderweb of puppet dictators have been working to Ctrl-Alt-Delete the world. Now you have a compelling opportunity to demonstrate you aren’t owned by the pharmaceutical-medical complex—as distinguished from your colleagues; mainstream media; Big Tech; compromised scientists and medical professionals; and captured agencies. You can prove you can’t be bought, bullied, or blackmailed. How, you ask? Veto HB 7021, Covid-19–Related Claims Against Health Care Providers, which “extends duration of liability protections from COVID-19–related claims against health care providers.” You can strip the health-scare system of financial immunity from the harm it inflicts on its victims and their families. You can bring comfort to those who have been irreparably injured and bereaved by corporate fraud, criminal negligence, and medical liquidation. You can choose to protect human rights and lives rather than caving in to political and corporate pressures.

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