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The Coming Terror Of Social Impact Finance And Social Credit Scores by Derrick Broze

Will the social engineers of the future use social engineering tools such as social credit scores and social impact finance to co-create a more equitable and just world? Or are all of the buzzwords simply another mask for the next stage of colonialist-corporate-capitalism? Will humanity find a balance of nature and digital technology, striking harmony between permaculture, indigenous wisdom, and emerging technologies? Or will we fall prey to the desire to use these tools to forget about our humanity and falsely believe we can escape the limitations of our human existence? Each of us must answer this question for ourselves, and our communities. As I outlined in my book How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State, I believe the only long term solution is to Exit from these technocratic systems and Build systems which align with our values and principles. While I wholeheartedly reject the acts of violence used by Ted Kaczynski, I echo his call for more attention and awareness on the dangers of pervasive digital technology.

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