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Learning From History But Idiots Never Do by Michael Walsh

How true the advice of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821): ‘He who hits first hits twice.’ Now the sweet irony: Russia has done what Germany did in June 1941. Back then, to frustrate a Soviet attack on Germany and Eastern Europe, Germany pre-emptively struck the American-sponsored Soviet Union. The USSR had been given the nod to overwhelm Europe by Roosevelt’s blank cheque (Lend-Lease Plan). With a 4.6 million strong Red Army poised to invade Europe’s borders they had the means to do it. The rest is history. History would have been kinder if half-American Churchill had not left Britain’s Far East colonies undefended to join with US President Roosevelt to rescue Private Stalin and the USSR which by winter of 1941 was on the ropes. Fast forward to 2022: Egged on by Washington and Westminster making promises to Ukraine they haven’t the capability of honouring the uppity Kyiv junta repeat Poland’s mistake in provoking their neighbour.

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