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german vaccine side effects data by el gato malo

german insurer claiming side effects are MUCH higher than public data claims. this is a potential bombshell piece of data. it’s not yet vetted, so let’s all be careful on degree of certainty to ascribe, but this is both exactly where you would expect a signal like this to emerge and certainly foots with reams of both anecdotal and hard data alike. this is very much a story to be run down and a set of facts we want to get to the bottom of. and it’s clearly a set of facts we cannot trust the agencies that mandated and hectored about these products to be honest with us about. but the insurance companies are going to get a good look. doctors many avoid filing vaccine adverse events reports with agencies. it’s extra work and they are under pressure not to. BUT they are going to bill for treatment. because doctors always bill for treatment. and now here is where it starts to get scary: In the first 2 ½ quarters of 2021 (7.5 months) alone, the BKK accounted for 224,360 vaccination complications – with almost 11 million members: and this is the big conclusion: Based on these figures, one can now calculate the incidence of vaccination complications for both populations. Then there are 0.29% according to the PEI and 2.05% according to the billing system: it shows that in the first half of 2021 the rate accounted for by the insurer is 7X higher than the PEI (german VAERS) for the whole year. oof.

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