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How The General Public Was Kept In The Dark Over Covid by Doug Brodie

Covid “conspiracy theorists” are at long last being vindicated as the Covid menace thankfully starts to fizzle out. For some time it has been obvious to me as a well-practiced conspiracy watcher that the global establishment has weaponised Covid to try (and hopefully fail) to achieve a hidden, nefarious agenda which has very little to do with “fighting the virus”. It’s Agenda 30/New World Order/Build Back Better/The Great Reset all rolled up in an unholy alliance of convergent opportunism with the UN climate change scam, Big Pharma and Bill Gates’ vaccine megalomania and programmable digital currencies. It’s a conspiracy taking place in plain view, as succinctly exposed by Reiner Fuellmich (qv). It is obvious that very few of the general public have so far realised the scale of the Covid deceptions inflicted on them by their governments. Hopefully this paper will help more people to understand what has really been going on. I understand how peer-pressure to conform makes it doubly-difficult for most people to believe that their own government and its agencies could be so conspiratorial and malevolent as to scare and mislead the public as they have done over the politically-engineered Coronavirus pandemic with such callous indifference to the unwarranted massive collateral damage caused. Even so, I have been puzzled as to why so few of the public have seen through the establishment’s Covid machinations. The insistence that vaccines were our only hope of salvation made no sense when by summer 2020 it was obvious that vaccines would only be needed for the most vulnerable (ref. Great Barrington Declaration), assuming they were proved safe which they never were.

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