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Covid-19 Vaccines Are Projected To Cause 62.3 Million Cardiovascular Deaths In 2022 Worldwide by The Exposé

An investigation of currents trends has revealed that the Covid-19 vaccines are projected to cause over 62.3 million cardiovascular deaths worldwide in 2022, after already causing cardiovascular deaths among professional athletes to double every three months throughout 2021. By a concerned reader The recent American Heart Association Paper given in a speech by Dr Steven Gundry to the American Heart Association in Boston on November 12-14 found that Covid-19 mRNA vaccines more than double your 5 year chances of suffering a heart attack as measured by various inflammatory markers at 2 months after the 2nd jab. So during 2022 rather than seeing the normal 8.9 million cardiovascular deaths , we shall see 71.2 million, an increase of 62.3 million deaths. At that point the vaccines will have killed more people that HIV AIDS – merely from heart attacks. This excludes deaths from VAIDS and from vaccine mediated neurological degeneration. There are nearly 8 billion of us. So 62.3 million is less than 1% of mankind. But it will be the largest genocide ever committed upon us, if the spike protein production keeps going at the present rate in the fully vaccinated.

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