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Mass Murder By A Medical System That Has Lost Its Direction And Soul by Kelleigh Nelson

Were we lied to about the number of deaths from Covid? Yes! Were the tests run at cycles too high to purposely show false positives? Yes! Could someone pass the virus if asymptomatic? No! Was social distancing valid? No! Were masks beneficial? No! Was the lockdown effective in stopping the viral spread? No! Have nearly half of small businesses been destroyed? Yes! Has the economy tanked? Yes! Have the big box stores benefitted? Yes!Has domestic abuse risen? Yes! Has drug addiction climbed? Yes! Have suicide rates escalated? Yes! Have mental and physical problems risen? Yes! Have children lost IQ from the masking? Yes! Are children disabled via speech impediments and learning disabilities because of the lockdowns and masking? Yes! Have the AMA, CDC, FDA, NIH protocols saved patients? Hell no! They have purposely murdered hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, who could have been saved. The dissident doctors, scientists and healthcare workers know there are repurposed drugs (inexpensive and available) that could have saved up to 86% of those who perished. Have those same stakeholders lied about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin? Yes, even Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine lied. Have we been sold a lie via fear mongering and media propaganda? Yes! Has the government enacted mandates that are unconstitutional? Yes! Has the Bill of Rights been violated? Yes!

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